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Satu Hati tulus ikhlas semangat teristimewa SSIL


Ok I’m posting this piece on behalf of Miss Suaini Sura, she emailed me her article awhile ago.So enjoy.

From Miss Suaini-

Terpanggil diri untuk menulis seolah-olah bola ajaib dari hutan telah jatuh dan disambut oleh tangan ini. Tika hujung minggu (20 & 21 mac 2010) menjelma, kita diulit mimpi indah, bersantai di rumah ditemani tv, anak2 dan kawan2 untuk menikmati masa bersama, panas mentari hanya dilafaz dan dipandang tidak terdetik di hati untuk berani menikmatinya walau sekelumit pun. Namum ada insan-insan yang lupa kenikmatan hujung minggu demi satu nama yang terpahat di hati SSIL.. saya tahu bukan hanya saya yang punya jawatan HEP dihujungnya tidak sedar adanya insan-insan ini tetapi kawan-kawan yang lain jua tidak menyedarinya, Entah tidak tahu di mana salahnya. Hinggalah saya mendapat warkah indah utusan dari atas menyeru saya agar menikmati keindahan hujung minggu di bawah terik mentari… Dengan sejujurnya saya pada mulanya merasakan seakan batu menimpah diri dan dengan segala kekuatan yang entah wujudkah ketulusannya, dan dalam keterpaksaan menikmati hujung minggu yang tidak diundang..

Terkejut, terpaku dan tersegan seketika bila melihat insan-insan yang ku tidak tahu kewujudanya berjuang demi satu nama SSIL. 15 pelajar yang keletihan tetapi penuh senyum di wajah telah membangunkan diri ini dari mimpi… Perjuangan mereka ini tidak dapat saya ungkapkan selain  rasa terharu, teruja dan terima kasih atas tulus ikhlas mereka berjuang demi SSIL.. Malu rasanya diri ini…kecewa diri ini…. mereka tidak bertanya mana pensayarah-pensyarah SSIL, mana wakil PMSSIL,  mana kawan-kawan yang lain, siapa dating menyokong dan apa ganjaran dari SSIL. Yang mereka suarakan….  Adakah lagi peluang untuk mereka letakan nama SSIL di atas?? Akhirnya SSIL mendapat tempat ke 2 dengan 11 mata. (3 emas,  1 perak, dan 7 gangsa) sempena Sukan KOKAL  2010(antara program) UMSKAL. Terpikir seketika akan adakah lagi golongan-golaongan yang dibanggakan ini pada masa depan… tertanya pada diri sanggupkah saya  seperti mereka???… Thanks a lot to  Asrul, Brian, Sri, Nadia, Helley, Ratna, Conny,Cissy, Eddy, Rajis, Rasani, Edwin, Asnerah  and Elly  atlet2 SSIL….. U all rock SSIL….

Emas ( 4X100 P, 100 P –Ratna, 400 P – Ratna)

Perak ( 200 P – Conny)

Gangsa ( 4X400 L,  100 L – Rajis, 200 P – Nadia, Lembing L – Asrul, Peluru L – Brian, cekera P – Cisy, Peluru P –

Sri dan Lembing P – Sri)


what are the odds


I mean seriously, we’re a small campus in a small island with practically no water, and our labs, what can I say about our labs.

But as far as the judges of the the IHL B-ideas are concerned ,they the Linking Park group from SSIL, UMS-KAL  won second runner up. Yup, what are the odds. Who would have thought that we would end up second runner up?

May this be a catalyst for all technopreneur wannabes in the near future, and yes I’m referring to you guys in my IT012013 Keusahawanan dalam Teknologi class. Salut!!



Ladies and gents, I am pleased to announced that the office of SSIL will be closed, I repeat will be closed from the 12th March 2010-14th March 2010 as the whole hardworking people of SSIL will attend a team building program which will be held in Kg Sinulihan,Inanam or Larry & Vince’s Farmstay.

Let me give you a brief cronology on how we ended up with this program.

It all started in April last year. Yes that is correct April last year and it took us nearly one whole year just to get people to free their schedule and to join this wonderful program. Actually up to the last minute, we had stumbled upon a glitch from the Pentadbiran, apparently there are no transportation to pick us up and send us off to the ferry terminal, but with little diplomacy we manage to sort that out.That is how hard it is to get all the academicians and the staff to go on a trip. With that stated, the kudos should go to the students of IE 20403-Business Management class where, we sort of like organize the whole thing in just three weeks.

Therefore good luck to all may we have a memorable trip and if any of you kids see any SSIL staff members or lecturers sneaking around the campus ducking the program, please snap their picture and send it over to me please. I’m going to make them an example by posting their pictures here in this blog.

(Ignore the last part, I’m kidding, but then again…..?)

Class Cancellation


Replacement IT 01203 Technopreneurship class for today has been reschedule to another date and time. Please be informed.



We made it to the finals. Linking Park -Parking management systems. They’re still working on a corporate motto as we speak.

Me in the middle, with the founding members of Linking Park. Presentation was made during Technopreneurship class. Where it all started.Esywara, me, Alvin, Jenny ‘Money is my honey’, La la Ting, and Leng the Ceo (don’t mess with her, really).

Finals will be held at MDEC HQ Cyber Jaya 17th March 2010. Can’t wait to be there.

Oh wait, I weren’t allowed to go.

Team Building SSIL-meeting


So SSIL, will held its first ever team building program on the 12th-14th of March at Vince’s & Larry’s Farmstay Kg, Sinulihan Inanam. The objective of the program is to improve communication among lecturers and staff in SSIL and to identify barriers in achieving the School’s intended goals.

A meeting was held yesterday to give awareness and to answer all questions pertaining to the program.

You have to eat first before the meeting.

So that’s it, though as expected we had a couple of resistance or rather concerned regarding the trip, but it all had been taken care off. So off we go to the jungle!

Pameran Pendidikan SSIL di Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan Febuari 2010


So last Saturday me and a couple students from the newly appointed PM SSIL went for a Pameran Pendidikan in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan (KML). The invitation was to give an exposure to the students in KML in regards to the education that UMS is providing particularly courses that were offered in SSIL. Surprisingly it went quite well…..

We were trying to get the LCD Monitor to work.

Then the TNC Academic came to promote UMS in their Dewan Kuliah satu, I was invited there for the Q&A session but had to leave early because the crowd in the main hall was overwhelming and the booth operators needed assistance in answering questions from the public.